Your smart water management solution.


Driblet tracks water related variables to empower and encourage people, businesses, organizations and governments to save water and money.

Self Powered

Driblet is self-powered by the water running through it, so you don’t need to worry about charging or replacing a battery (patent pending).

Transmits data to the cloud

Each Driblet transmits its data to the cloud via onboard WiFi, and authorized users can view data in real time.

Access data via a web interface

Driblet’s data is accessible via web interface and mobile app. Device owners can customize user access to each device's data. 

Track information

Driblet tracks and stores the water consumption data of each pipe where it’s installed.

Configure alarms

Configure customized visual and audio alarms according to Driblet’s suggestions and your needs.

Share your savings

Share your savings and achievements with friends, neighbors, etc.

Who would benefit from using Driblet?

Who would benefit from Driblet?


With Driblet, businesses can save money by tracking and analyzing the water consumption of their operations. At about the size of a fist, Driblet is small enough to be installed virtually anywhere, so the incoming water quality and water usage of industrial machinery can be measured on a per-unit basis.


Homeowners and tenants of properties with Driblets installed can see their water usage in real time, getting immediate feedback about how changes in their habits save water and money. And with a single water line feeding a multi-unit building, managers and landlords who were previously forced to divide the monthly water bill equally among tenants can now bill according to actual usage, thus eliminating conflicts about charging practices.

Governments & Organizations

Big Data empowers decision makers to set smarter, more realistic budgets. With access to Driblet data that is uploaded automatically from sites around their districts, urban planners and government agencies can skip the costly process of data collection and analysis. Organizations that need to monitor water usage from a distance can do so with the click of a button.

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About Us & Contact

DribletLabs, Inc is a Delaware corporation founded in 2014. The founders are a perfect combination of skills and expertise with more than 25 combined years of experience in both the high-tech, corporate and entrepreneurial worlds.

Originally named Driblet, the company was born in Monterrey, México after the team won Silicon Valley’s AngelHack competition.

In January 2014, Driblet Labs was selected to participate in the first TechCrunch´s Hardware Battlefield Competition in CES at Las Vegas.

Driblet Labs is also a member of the 2014 Winter generation of Gener8tor accelerator program based in Madison WI.

Driblet Labs

The Team:

Rodolfo P. Ruiz
Co-Founder & CEO

Rodolfo is a self-taught learner who is passionate about technology. He has a keen eye for matching business opportunities with technology. Rodolfo specializes in web and mobile software development, software quality assurance, project management, and consulting.

Rodolfo Ruiz
Carlos Mosqueda
Co-Founder & Head Designer

Carlos gets a kick out of using computer-aided design and modeling to turn concepts into reality. He specializes in visual design, programming, and animation.

Carlos Mosqueda